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Social media administration for more brand awareness and revenue, through influencer marketing, growth hacking, content marketing, and community management.

Agentur Hemp will help you…

Just click on a date that suits you.

For companies in the cannabis & hemp industry who want to improve their existing social media activities and want to scale in the future and thus reach a new target group.

More time to focus on what you do best

We will manage your Instagram account with our well-tested​ strategies and our self-developed tools. We’d be happy to talk about all the services we gladly provide to you in a personal consultation.

Raise your brand awareness

With specialized content for your brand and your products we’ll always find the perfect audience that will lead to great revenue and brand notoriety. We’ll keep you updated on your progress with monthly reports.

Set new standards in your field

Through innovative strategies and new sales opportunities in your business you will quickly become a leading force in your field. Together we will make sure that all numbers are going in the right direction.

We will help to assure your companies online success!

Automated online- complete-solution for your business.


Your custom made social media strategy and market analysis

What do you want to achieve? What goals do you have and how can we achieve them? Where is your market and who do you compete with? We prepare ourselves individually for everyone and of course only want to achieve your goals with you. That is why it is important to know the answer to these questions.

Your Social Hemp Grow Up plan will be created directly by us. That means quite simply for you: We sit down together and work out a plan on the basis of our experience as well as countless proven success concepts. You always know what we are doing for you.


Creation of your Hemp Grow up


Influencer Marketing & Social Media System

Together we look here, what is really important to you. In this part, we take care of qualifying and setting up an influencer crew for your success. Because we do not leave your success to chance. You should know with whom and how we made that possible. That is why we determine here which influencers should be representative of your brand.

In the project implementation, we ensure that your brand gets notoriety that allows users to consume constantly. Influencer marketing means building a bond with a person rather than simply thinking about advertising space. We start directly building such real bonds for you and your company. We'll build you a living community that will gladly recommend your brand.


Project Management


Your Feedback Implementation.

You are welcome to contact us 24/7 for questions and concerns. Your personal adviser will inform you about any upcoming changes. After all, we work in your name and you should be as convinced as we are.

One-click​ and your social media performance will start to grow like any good strain. In the end, only the result counts! For you, this means more reach, more fans for your brand, less work in this area for you.

How great does that sound?


Reach, many fans, less work

Click on the button and let us discuss how we can achieve this goal for you.

Testimonials of our partnerships

rolls agenturhemp
Rolls69 - Filter Hersteller/Brand

"If you are looking for a high performance agency that uses the most modern techniques and the most profitable methods, you are in good hands with Agentur Hemp. Thanks to their support, we were able to build the largest German social media cannabis reach in no time!"

Mary Jane Berlin - Messe

„Danke, für die Tolle zusammenarbeit. Wir freuen uns euch auch nächstes Jahr wieder im Team zu haben.“

eden agenturhemp
Eden Germany - CBD Händler

"The guys from AgenturHemp have shown me in no time what else is possible to get out of my reach. We are already planning new projects together for the future. "



This is what we do for you

Our goal is to create holistic social media concepts for your business, influencer research, influencer campaigns, community management, growth service, image & video production, content marketing & automations every day. You can then look forward to the results.

Growth Service

We do not buy followers. We buy shoutouts. These are classic ads with other influencers who recommend you. We seek them for you, plan everything for you, create groups with them. You just have to sit back and watch how you will grow daily.


The right strategy makes things easier and we can achieve your goals on time. We're your chief strategists and create your own roadmap to success based on our experience as a social media marketing experts. When do we start?

Influencer Marketing

Your brand needs brand ambassadors on the net. These bring range to the table, we convert them into yours. We'll help you with the in searching for them and design the mission with a plan for you, constantly expanding and swapping. Until everyone knows you in the end!

Community Management

Proper community management will give you more and more traffic and more reach. With our variety of strategies that are tried and tested, we can help you easily engage your community with you. We hold our standard.


Conversion is the goals. This can be achieved in many different ways and the ways to reach them can be optimized. Through our years of experience, we show you which screws you should turn to get more.

Picture and video production

Our professional camera crew turns you and your account into the next - MVP - Most Viral Person / Page. Also, you learn how to create 500K+ clickbait videos yourself. If you want..

Content Marketing

"Content is King" and always will be! Everything has to be right. The picture, sound, video and actors. User-generated content? Repost? Quotations? When is the right time for what? We have the answers for you, just ask us!

Influencer Research

Influencers are brand ambassadors. They are the stars of today! There are now some from micro to macro. We'll pick the right ones for you, qualify them and plan everything to make your brand popular with Generation Y & Z.


Many processes do not have to be taken over by humans because they are time consuming, repetitive and monotonous. We know all the tools you need to successfully automate your social media. Not only will you win a lot of time but also save some money. Do you want to know how?

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