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Our motto: Don´t panic we grow organic! 🌱

We introduce ourselves.

We are a multilingual team of young, dedicated and cannabis-affluent social media experts, media professionals, distributors and artists specializing in perfecting our clients' online and social media presence in the cannabis branding field. 

In addition, we have already established the largest cannabis influencer network, including our media partners, to reach 28 million followers. In addition, we are well connected in the German-speaking and international cannabusiness and the activist scene and are self-employed volunteers for the decriminalization of cannabis and its consumers.

In addition, the Agentur Hemp current world record holder of the longest joints in the world; with a joint of fabulous 50.6 meters in length. You do not believe that? Watch this video !

As you can see, we think in superlatives and therefore lead your brand together to media success. Organic, effective and lasting!Some of our current partners:
@kavatza | @maryjaneberlin |  @eden_original_ | @rolls69_de @cannabby_ @curlykushgirl

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over 3 years experience
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Germanys biggest cannabis network 

A common passion has brought us together!
The cannabis & hemp industry should undergo a revolution.

With the the Agentur Hemp als , we are the only German-language social media agency to specialize in optimizing the digital distribution of cannabis companies and influencers on social media and to connect our partners in the currently largest German cannabis network . This closes a relevant market gap in German-speaking countries.But to help entrepreneurs like you to reach the target group Generation Y & Z perfectly.

Brand Awerness and Social Proof are currently one of the most important aspects of brand building and customer retention. Our vast international network and multi-successful social media strategies are instrumental in creating a natural, effective and engaging reach that delivers lasting success and turns simple followers into paying customers.

Sustainable success, that is our credo; Our passion, however, belongs to one of the oldest cultural and medicinal plants in the world: the miracle plant cannabis..

Through a more professional and successful appearance of the entire industry, we can all help ensure that cannabis is perceived as socially normalized in the consciousness of an increasing number of people. 

Hemp finally gets rid of its stigma completely, this goal unites us and our partners on a deep personal level. If you also want to combine sustainable success with your passion for cannabis, we look forward to seeing you as a partner of our network.


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Meet Ignacio!

Ignacio Rodriguez (CAO)

Leitender Coach | Strategieberater
Influencer | Cannabis Patient

Ignacio is a social media expert and a successful cannabis influencer; Alone with his profile @mr.jointhunterz, the certified business economist achieved 100k followers within 10 months.

In addition, he has built various Instagram accounts successfully from the start and supervised and managed numerous other company & artist accounts, among which are the own fall for example @ highdelberg.society with 100k subscriptions or @weedprime with 30k followers.
Overall, its international network already has a reach of 25 million users and is growing daily.

In April 2019, the 25-year-old founded the Agentur Hemp to help you get more followers, more success and more independence.

Ignacio has built the team, developed the course content and also leads the coaching and management of the social media presence of our premium customers.

He also works as a writer and co-moderator of our podcasts "The POTcast".

Davìd hat nach einem erfolgreichen Studium in Nachhaltiger Wirtschaftslehre bereits als Geschäftsführer & Executive Producer in seiner eigenen Medienproduktionsfirma im Bereich Cannabis gearbeitet. Zudem führt er den Vorstands-Beirat des Vereins Cannabis Solutions Cologne e.V.

Heute leitet der 25-Jährige als Geschäftsführer das operative und finanzielle Geschäft der the Agentur Hemp und berät unsere Premium-Kunden in den Themen Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung, Storytelling und Erfolgs-Mindset. 

Er ist außerdem als Musiker aktiv sowie Executive Producer und Co-Moderator des YouTube-Kanals „Dichter & Danker“ und unseres Podcasts „der POTcast“.

Davìd Terpe (CEO)

Geschäftsführer | Executive Producer | Musiker/Influencer | Spritual-/Mindset-Coach

Michael Polom (CIO)

Influencer | Webdesigner
Content Coach | Programmiere

Michael ist gelernter Webdesigner mit langjähriger Erfahrung und betreut nicht nur unsere eigenen Web-Präsenzen, sondern auch die unserer Kunden. Mit seinem geschulten Auge weiß er genau, was die heutige Webgeneration erwartet und sehen möchte.

Als IT-Experte leitet der 25-Jährige die digitalen Prozesse der the Agentur Hemp und sorgt für reibungslose Abläufe. Auf Live-Events coacht er unsere Premium-Kunden in den Themen Webdesign und Content-Management.

Michael ist selber erfolgreicher Cannabis-Influencer und erzielt mit seinen Instagram Accounts wie @weedopea und weiteren eine Reichweite von rund 80k Followern.

Ruwen Hauser

Sales Manager | Talent-Scout

Ruwen is a highly motivated Sales Manager in the Agentur Hemp from the very beginning, and probably one of the first in our team to come into contact with.

He is very familiar with the needs of the cannabis industry and will thus eloquently forward you to the responsible experts from our team.

The 23-year-old is also responsible as a talent scout to find out who fits best into our network to ensure a beneficial and successful cooperation.